BC-75 - Faraday Cup Beam Collector for Particle Therapy QA and Diagnostics

The BC-75, a state-of-the-art Faraday cup beam collector, offers a modern alternative to traditional Faraday cups, eliminating the need for a vacuum system and high voltage bias. It delivers precise charged particle beam current measurements with absolute accuracy, regardless of current density.

Featuring a user-friendly design and streamlined setup, the BC-75 achieves results on par with conventional Faraday cups while maximizing efficiency.

Effortlessly integrate the BC-75 Faraday collector into your daily QA workflow, taking advantage of its compatibility with Pyramid's charge measurement devices and third-party instruments. Attain ultra-precise measurements of 10pA or lower using Pyramid's dependable IC101 high-performance electrometer.

Ideal for those conducting FLASH therapy research measurements, the BC-75 serves as an unparalleled off-the-shelf solution. Capable of handling the most extreme UHDR beam currents. The BC-75 excels when paired with one of Pyramid's current measuring devices, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance.

12 Weeks Lead Time


  • Direct measurement of high-energy proton beam current
  • Proton energies from 30 to 250 MeV
  • Minimal dependence on beam energy
  • Highly stable and repeatable over time
  • Operates in air - no vacuum system or HV bias required
  • Compatible with IC101, I200, F460, and the F100
  • Developed from a proven concept of Bernard Gottschalk used at Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory


  • Particle therapy pencil beam quality assurance
  • Accelerator development
  • Particle therapy system commissioning
  • General high-energy ion beam diagnostics
  • FLASH research equipment

Faraday Cup Collectors

Pyramid Faraday cup collectors modernize charged particle beam current measurements, making the technology accessible and efficient for daily use in labs and clinics.

  • Ease of Use: Without the need for a high voltage system or vacuum, these collectors are easy to set up and compatible with various electrometers.
  • High Dose Rates: Pyramid's collectors can handle ultra-high dose rates, constrained only by the thermal limits of the device.
  • Versatility: These collectors offer solutions for a wide variety of beam types, including high and low current, high and low energy, scanned, electron, and proton beams.

Isocenter Diagnostics Equipment

Our isocenter equipment line expands the capabilities of medical and research institutions by catering to underserved applications and addressing intricate use cases. By providing modular and integrated solutions customized to meet each customer's distinct requirements, we enhance their overall experience and outcomes.

Combinations of detectors and electronics combine into pre-packaged experiments and QA tools. MLFC-128, BC-75, IC64-6, PX-3, F460, I128, and the IC-101 integrate to fit your specifications.

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