IC64-13 - 64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber


  • 12.8 cm x 12.8 cm sensitive area with 2 mm pitch strips
  • 2.2 cm beamline insertion length
  • Compact with high spatial resolution
  • 3 mm gaps for high beam current density performance
  • Single axis strip readout (can be mounted to a second IC64-13 for 2-axis readout)
  • <1.5kV high voltage plane for minimal recombination
  • Standard HD44 Male connectors for strip readout
  • Standard DB9 Male connector for environment readout


  • Measured by I6400 or I128 (For 2 IC64-13 configuration)
  • Particle therapy beam monitoring
  • Pulsed beam applications
  • Pencil beam scanning control
  • General high-energy ion beam diagnostics

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