IGX - Modern Modular Control System Framework for Web-enabled Applications

IGX is a recursive modular control system framework. I/O within the control system is networked into multiple different protocols by default with no extra effort on behalf of the developer. Additional protocols can be added to IGX without having to change the existing control system code.

Control Customized

Utilizing IGX, Pyramid and our partners are able to rapidly develop and iterate on industrial and medical control systems. The modular and reusable nature of IGX allows for short time-to-market and high reliability.

The highly flexible nature of the framework enables external systems such as SCADA or TCS to easily integrate the IGX network interfaces. IGX can be an entire control system in a box or simply a component of a much larger system.


  • Built-in web server with WebSockets
  • QNX real-time operating system
  • Dynamically generated GUIs from C++
  • Powerful one-liner networked I/O
  • Self-documenting components
  • Built-in on-demand testing
  • Simple file I/O read/write API
  • Complete EPICS support
  • Built-in Modbus support
  • Built-in MongoDB support
  • Built-in DICOM support

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