Q580 - High Speed Real-Time Loop Controller

The Q580 is a master controller for massively distributed control systems with real-time and high-reliability requirements. It replaces tens of thousands of dollars worth of PLC and test/measure equipment.

Attach M10s and M40s to extend the I/O capability to thousands of analog and digital inputs and outputs. Attach I3200s and IC101s to add massive quantities of low-level current measurements in large-scale sensor arrays.


  • 10 High-speed fiber optic loops
  • 2 High-speed Ethernet interfaces
  • 16 General purpose +/-10V analog inputs
  • 8 General purpose +/-10V analog outputs
  • 1 Safety relay with watchdog
  • 2 General-purpose relays
  • 1 General-purpose optical isolator
  • Powerful processor running the medical grade RTOS
  • IEC-62304 software development


  • Scanning & dosimetry control for particle therapy
  • Accelerator and beamline control
  • Large-scale distributed control systems

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