QIC-6E - Ultra-low WET Quadrant Transmission Ionization Chamber

The QIC-6E is a high-precision quadrant transmission ionization chamber, essential in particle physics, beam diagnostics, and radiation therapy, including specialized applications like proton therapy for eye treatments. Its 6-centimeter diameter sensitive area and quadrant readout electrodes are perfectly suited for beam centering, flatness evaluation, and flux measurement. This chamber is particularly effective in low-energy beam settings, thanks to its minimal material thickness and ultra-thin, gold-plated electrode foils. It supports a wide array of particle types and energy levels and is compatible with various readout electronics. The QIC-6E is a key instrument in delivering accurate and minimal interference in proton therapy for eyes and other ion beam diagnostics.

14 Weeks Lead Time

Key Features

  • 6 cm diameter sensitive area.
  • 3.6 mm gap spacing between electrodes.
  • 66 µm water equivalent thickness (WET)
  • Ultra-thin Kapton™ gold-plated electrode foils.
  • Electrode patterns laser-cut for high geometric precision.
  • Compatible with FX4, F460, and I404 readout electronics.


  • Low energy particle beams in air.
  • Proton therapy eye lines.
  • Proton therapy beam flux monitoring.
  • Proton therapy beam trajectory or flatness monitoring.
  • General ion beam diagnostics.

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