X14 - 1:4 Fiber-Optic Trigger Fanout

The X14 is a one-to-four fiber-optic fan-out type device. It receives a single optical level and repeats that signal to 4 separate outputs with minimal latency added. The X14 is intended to help system designers spread out a single trigger or synchronization signal to multiple destinations.

For unidirectional TTL to fiber applications that can drive 30mA the TF1 may be a simpler choice.

If your application requires bidirectional conversion see the X22 device.


  • 1:4 fiber-optic fanout
  • ST type fiber-optic connectors
  • Very low 150 nanosecond latency (130ns rising, 140ns falling)
  • Robust stainless-steel chassis
  • DIN rail mounting options
  • Compact and cost-effective


  • Trigger signal distribution
  • Logic level distribution in electrically noisy environments
  • High voltage optical isolation

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