IC256-45 - 256 Strip QC Ion Chamber

The largest ionization chamber available. Ideal for beam position readback at isocenter. Sized to fit the entire scanning field without having to reposition. This unique feature enables operators to calibrate or validate beam positions in a scanning system without complex rigs that are prone to error.

The IC256-45 has already been used at the McLaren Proton Therapy Center to validate their pencil beam scanning system. If you are interested in trying out the system contact Pyramid's engineering and sales team to discuss your project's requirements. Rental systems are available for short-term trials and experiments.


  • Large 45 cm by 45 cm sensing area
  • Alignment marks on beam entrance window for accurate optical setup at isocenter
  • Can be imaged by X-ray patient imager for accurate alignment to patient coordinate system
  • Lightweight and robust
  • 256 1.75 mm strips in each axis
  • Robust carbon-fiber windows and precision photo-etched readout electrodes on thin FR4 substrates for low-scattering
  • High voltage sense loopback


  • Particle therapy spot position calibration
  • Particle therapy system commissioning
  • Particle therapy system QA
  • High energy ion beam diagnostics

Isocenter Diagnostics Equipment

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Combinations of detectors and electronics combine into pre-packaged experiments and QA tools. MLFC-128, BC-75, IC64-6, PX-3, F460, I128, and the IC-101 integrate to fit your specifications.