Banner Ion Chambers

Máy Dò Dải Phim Mỏng

X/Y projection electrode strips for determining beam shape and position.
IC64-6 Render
IC64-6 - 64x64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
IC256-45 Render
IC256-45 - 256 Strip QC Ion Chamber
IC128-25 Render
IC128-25 - Máy Giám Sát Truyền Dải 128x128 với Buồng Ion và Mặt Phẳng Liều
IC64-16 Render
IC64-16SG - 64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy
IC16-5 - 16x16 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
BPM16-38 Render
BPM16-38 - Máy Giám Sát Vị Trí Tia Gantry Tương Thích Với Phòng Ion Hóa Dạng Sọc
IC64-13 - 64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
IC32-6 - 32x32 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

Quadrant Detectors

Four electrodes provide fast and reliable beam position monitoring.
QIC-6E - Ultra-low WET Quadrant Transmission Ionization Chamber
QIC-2S - Mini Quadrant Ion Chamber

Pixelated Detectors

Extremely fine pitch electrode pixels allow for true 2D beam imaging.
PX3 Render
PX-3 - 120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber
PX-2 - 120 Pixel Ion Chamber