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NMR Calibration For Hall probes - New NMR calibration facility for Hall probe products.
Office Pyramid VN
Pyramid Relocates - We're moving to a new office
Com ports
Online Connectivity Tools - New tools for connecting to devices using only your web browser.
T-1 with HP-1
T1: A Network Enabled Hall Probe - A new precision Hall probe product with excellent connectivity options
gold ic64-6
Ionization Chamber Advances - Upgraded gold electrodes for increased performance
Old Pyramid Logo
Supporting Our Customers Through Troubling Times - Continuing support during the pandemic
McLaren Building
New Partnership with Major Healthcare Provider - McLaren Health Care Corporation invests in Pyramid Tech.
Is your IC ready for flash? - A new small gap ion chamber comes in handy for flash
PTCOG 59 Taipei 2020
PTCOG 59 is coming! - We look forward to seeing you again in Taipei in 2020
PTCOG 58 Manchester
PTCOG 58 Manchester - Visit the Pyramid booth at the 58th PTCOG meeting
Coming soon! Multi-Channel Hall Probe System - The new T40 sets the bar for Hall probe controllers
Credit Cards
Credit Cards Accepted at Pyramid - Credit cards accepted at no additional cost!
PTCOG57 Cincinnati
PTCOG Cincinnati in May - 57th Annual PTCOG meeting
Monolith News
Monolith Arrives on Earth - The planets have aligned...
CR10 News
New CR-10 Pre-Amp/Shaping Amp - Charge-sensitive pre-amp/shaping amp for C400
Building Blocks for Proton Therapy - Useful products for custom beamline nozzles
New Trigger Modes for IC101 - The popular IC101 integrating electrometer gets an upgrade
New G2 Platform! - Popular products gain functionality with new software
I400 TRT Connectors
I400 Available with TRT Connectors - New Connector options on I400
PTCOG Poster
See us at PTCOG55 in Prague! - New products to be unveiled at 55th annual PTCOG meeting
ISO 13485 Certification
ISO 13485 Certification - Pyramid devices held to the highest quality standards
PTCOG Poster
Visit Us at PTCOG 54! - 54th annual PTCOG meeting in San Diego
New Faraday Collectors! - Compact devices with new capabilities
PX-2 Internal
2D-Sensing Ionization Chambers - Pixelated ionization chambers for proton therapy