White Papers

Methods for Improved Accuracy and Speed for Spot Scanning Systems

Snap Scan magnet boosts spot delivery rate in pencil beam scanning therapy.


Use of the Multi-layer Faraday Collector as a Convenient Transferable Standard for Proton Range and Beam Energy

MLFC standardizes proton therapy energy measurements for consistent treatment planning.


A Simulator System for the Verification of Pencil Beam Scanning Dose Delivery Control Systems

Simulation system for pencil beam dose delivery system enables efficient, automated testing.


Spot Position Measurement and Calibration for Pencil Beam Scanning Commissioning and QA Using a Large Area Sensor at Isocenter

Using a novel ion chamber design to help commission a new proton therapy center.


A Large-area High Resolution Imaging Detector System for PBS Quality Assurance

New dual-layer ionization chamber enhances beam scanning resolution in particle therapy.


An Enhanced System for Pencil Beam Characterization

Multilayer Faraday collector enhances pencil beam scanning system.


A Multifunction Isocenter Diagnostic for Beam Characterization in Pencil Beam Scanning Systems

Developed a diagnostic system for characterizing pencil beam scanning.


Towards a Beam Quality Assurance Procedure for Particle Beam Scanning

Study develops isocenter diagnostic system for better calibration and QA of PBS.


Scanning Amplifier Implementation at Massachusetts General Hospital

Discusses the use of fast amplifiers in particle beam scanning for radiotherapy.


A Multipole Magnet for Pencil Beam Scanning

A compact, high-speed octopole magnet for improved pencil beam scanning.