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Buồng Ion Hóa

Máy Dò Dải Phim Mỏng - X/Y projection electrode strips for determining beam shape and position.

BPM16-38 Render
BPM16-38 - Máy Giám Sát Vị Trí Tia Gantry Tương Thích Với Phòng Ion Hóa Dạng Sọc
IC128-25 Render
IC128-25 - Máy Giám Sát Truyền Dải 128x128 với Buồng Ion và Mặt Phẳng Liều
IC16-5 - 16x16 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
IC256-45 Render
IC256-45 - 256 Strip QC Ion Chamber
IC32-6 - 32x32 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
IC64-13 - 64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber
IC64-16 Render
IC64-16SG - 64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy
IC64-6 Render
IC64-6 - 64x64 Strip Transmission Ion Chamber

Quadrant Detectors - Four electrodes provide fast and reliable beam position monitoring.

QIC-2S - Mini Quadrant Ion Chamber
QIC-6E - Ultra-low WET Quadrant Transmission Ionization Chamber

Pixelated Detectors - Extremely fine pitch electrode pixels allow for true 2D beam imaging.

PX-2 - 120 Pixel Ion Chamber
PX3 Render
PX-3 - 120 Pixel Transmission Ion Chamber

Bộ Thu Faraday

BC-145 Render
BC-145 - Large Faraday Cup Collector for Scanned Beam Particle Therapy QA
BC-75 - Ly Faraday Lõi Rắn cho Hạt Có Sạc
MLFC-128 Render
MLFC-128 - Multi-Layer Faraday Collector for Particle Energy Measurement

Beamline Components

ACI - Accelerator Control Interface
FS-78 - Fast Beam Shutter
HC80 - Beampath Helium Flow Controller
ICI - Interlock Control Interface
N2400 - 24x Pneumatic Actuator Controller
VWIN Family
VWIN - High-Performance Vacuum Windows for Particle Beamlines
X32 - IECO Amplifier Interface

Điện kế

Current Measurement - Measure instantaneous current.

F100 - Digital Electrometer with HV Power Supply
F460 Front Render
F460 - 4 Channel Precision Electrometer with High Voltage
FX4 Render
FX4 - High-speed Quad-channel Precision Electrometer

Charge Measurement - Measure accumulated charge.

I128 Render
I128 - 128 Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer
I3200 Render
I3200 - 32-Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer
I400 Render
I400 - 4 Channel Biased Input Charge Integrating Electrometer
I404 Render
I404 - 4 Channel Charge Integrating Digital Electrometer
IC101 Render
IC101 - Precision Charge Integrator Electrometer Digital with High Voltage
IX256 Render
IX256 - 256-Channel Charge Integrating Electrometer with HV Power Supply

Đếm Xung

Amplifiers - High performance pre-amplifiers and pulse shapers.

CP15AF Render
CP15 - DC-Coupled Pulse Pre-amplifier for Lanthanum Halide and Sodium Iodide Detectors
CR10 - Spectroscopy Amplifier for Charge Sensitive Pulse Shaping

Counters - High-speed pulse-height discriminated counters for nuclear instrumentation.

C400 Front Render
C400 - 4-Channel High-speed Pulse Discriminator and Counter
CM100 Render
CM100 - Particle Therapy Control Console

Từ học

Electromagnets - Specialized magnets for particle beams.

D2-650-IE - High-speed Pencil Beam X/Y Scanning Magnet
Octopole Product Render
O1-500 - Octopole Compact Scanning Magnet for Particle Therapy

Gaussmeters - Ultra high-end gaussmeters.

H20 - Dual Magnetic Field Probe System
T1 and HP1
T1 - Máy đo Công nghiệp Gauss và Đầu đo Từ trường tích hợp REST API

Mục Đích Chung

Fiber Optics - Fiber optic converters and logic.

TF-1 Render
TF1 - Bộ Chuyển Đổi TTL sang Quang Học Tự Cấp Điện
X14 - 1:4 Fiber-Optic Trigger Fanout
X22 Render
X22 - Bộ Chuyển Đổi Song Phương TTL sang Quang Học

Multifunction I/O - Analog and digital I/O boxes.

M10 - 2x Analog 4x Digital GPIO
M40 Render
M40 - 16x Analog 16x Digital GPIO

Precision High Voltage - Precision high voltage power supplies and complimentary products.

HVI-4 - Bias Voltage Interlock Unit

Loop Controllers - Optical control system PLCs.

A360 - Fiber-Optic Loop Controller
A560 - Real-Time Loop Controller
Q580 Render
Q580 - High Speed Real-Time Loop Controller

Phụ Kiện

Cables - Cables specialized for Pyramid devices.

USB-RS232 Cable