PD-8 - Eight Output 24V DC Power Supply Unit

The PD-8 is a reliable and efficient solution for powering 24V DC devices. With eight independent channels, it provides a consistent 24V power output, adhering to high medical standards. Each channel is individually protected and filtered for assured safety and performance.

Its practical 1U 19" rack mount design allows for easy integration into your existing setup. The PD-8 is built for durability and consistent performance, making it a sensible choice for any application requiring steady 24V DC power distribution.


  • Supplies consistent 24V power to eight devices simultaneously.
  • Each outlet is separately protected with overvoltage protection and individual fuses.
  • Equipped with a medically rated wide-range switch mode supply.
  • This unit is housed in a 1U 19” rack mount package for convenient storage.


  • Input: 85-265VAC, 47-63Hz, 2.3A max continuous.
  • Outputs: Eight identical, 24 +/-1.0V 1A each.
  • Total Output: 4A continuous across all outputs.
  • Protection: Individual output protection with overvoltage protection diode, clamp at 26.7V min, 29.5V max. Individual PTC fuses, 1.1A hold, 2.1A break.
  • Indicators: One LED indicating 24V present. Eight LEDs showing 24V are present on each output.
  • Configuration: 19” rack mount, 1U high, fan-cooled.
  • Weight: 2.82kg (6.22lb)
  • Connectors: 24V outputs 2.1mm threaded jacks. Ground M3 stud.


  • Powering 19" rack-mounted devices.
  • Powering an array of small form factor devices.

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