PSU24 - 24V DC Power Supply Pack

Pyramid electronics relies predominantly on a single 24V power supply to function effectively. We present an extensive selection of power supplies to accommodate different needs, each available in different wattages. These have been uniquely terminated to use our standard locking-type connectors. The use of a premium-grade power supply is critical in assuring the appropriate and uninterrupted functioning of your Pyramid products.

See your product datasheet to understand which power supply goes with which product or contact our engineering team for more details.

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Tổng cộng$60.00


  • 100-250V AC 50-60Hz Input
  • +24V DC Output
  • 25, 40, or 120W Output Options
  • IEC 320-C14 or IEC 320-C7 Input Receptacle
  • 2.1mm Threaded or Redel PXG Output Jack

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