TERM-64 - Multichannel Ionization Chamber Termination Block

The TERM-64 Multichannel Ionization Chamber Termination Block is an essential component designed to ensure the safe and effective grounding of all pins on a multichannel ionization chamber. Grounding the electrodes of an ionization chamber is a critical procedure, especially when the chamber is exposed to radiation without being connected to an electrometer. This termination block provides a reliable path to ground, preventing the electrodes from becoming charged. In the absence of grounding, accumulated charge on the electrodes could lead to a potential difference significant enough to cause sparking to a neighboring electrode. Such sparking can result in permanent damage to the ionization chamber, compromising its functionality and accuracy.

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  • 68-pin VHDCI or Champ connector, standard on all G3 ion chambers
  • Low impedance grounding of all pins to ion chamber chassis
  • Threaded connector to prevent accidental removal
  • Robust through-hole design


  • Radiation Therapy: Ensures the safety and accuracy of ionization chambers used in radiation therapy equipment.
  • Research and Development: Supports experiments and research activities involving ionization chambers and radiation detection.

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