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38 Years of Innovation & Precision

Starting from fundamental scientific principles, Pyramid has created effective and elegant solutions to the hardest challenges in particle therapy, industrial control, and scientific research.

Our Story

Established in 1986 in Massachusetts (USA), Pyramid Technical Consultants Inc. has researched and developed solutions for the medical, semiconductor, physics, and biological research sectors.

Pioneering in the particle therapy field since 2004, we are now a solution manufacturer and technology advisor for solving the hardest challenges and bringing advanced treatments including FLASH-proton therapies and BNCT to clinical practice faster and at new height of precision.

Pyramid team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise encompassing hardware, firmware, and software from prestigious institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard University. Along with years in medical and science research, we have delivered comprehensive solutions from design to manufacturing - all from single source of trust.

We solve the hardest challenges, tailor solutions to your needs and elevate your delivery to new heights of precision.


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Our Guiding Principles

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Continuously evolve to stay a leading innovator, eagerly tackle the most complex challenges, and drive technological advancements for the betterment of our collective communities.

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Seek underserved areas where we can maximize our impact and make a meaningful difference. Collaborate to identify key technologies and design unified solutions that exceed the sum of their parts.

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Set a constantly rising benchmark of excellence. Create products of uncompromising quality that we take pride in, not just in the present, but also as enduring symbols of our commitment for years to come.

Our Partners

Pyramid offers electronic hardware, software, and engineering services for the medical, semiconductor equipment, physics, and biological research markets. Our expertise lies in multichannel low-current measurement and detector system readout, with solutions tailored to meet customers' specific needs.

We are committed to providing honest advice and discussing customers' application requirements to ensure our products meet their needs.

Why Pyramid

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Proven Excellence

Pyramid is at the forefront, solving the hardest challenges and pushing boundaries of precision and science.

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Rapid TTM

We offer a rich set of existing solutions that can be quickly adapted to suite your application saving you precious time to market.

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Cross-domain Experts

All of our top support engineers are multidisciplinary in fields such as physics, electronics, software, radiation effects, and manufacturing.

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Securing Long-run Innovation

Our strong R&D focus secures your systems stay on the cutting edge and evolve to future needs.

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Customizable & Brandable Solutions

We deliver tailored solutions that reflect your unique identity and requirements.

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Global Support, Anywhere You Need

We assist you both remotely and on-site, ensuring uninterrupted support for your needs.

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