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Current Measurement

Measure instantaneous current.
F460 Front Render
F460 - 4 Channel Precision Electrometer with High Voltage
FX4 Render
FX4 - High-speed Quad-channel Precision Electrometer
F100 - Digital Electrometer with HV Power Supply

Charge Measurement

Measure accumulated charge.
IX256 Render
IX256 - 256-Channel Charge Integrating Electrometer with HV Power Supply
I128 Render
I128 - 128 Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer
IC101 Render
IC101 - Precision Charge Integrator Electrometer Digital with High Voltage
I404 Render
I404 - 4 Channel Charge Integrating Digital Electrometer
I3200 Render
I3200 - 32-Channel Charge Integrator Digital Electrometer
I400 Render
I400 - 4 Channel Biased Input Charge Integrating Electrometer