BPM16-38 - Beam Position Monitor Gantry Compatible Strip Ionization Chamber

The BPM16-38 is a practical and easy-to-use beam position monitor, specifically designed for tracking the position of an ion beam within a beam pipe. The defining feature of this monitor is its pneumatic retraction and insertion, a quality that makes it ideal for tuning your ion beam as required. Straightforward in its functionality, the BPM16-38 ensures accurate monitoring in settings where reliability and precision are paramount.

Built with a 16x16 strip electrode layout at a precise 2.5mm pitch, the BPM16-38 provides quick and accurate ion beam tracking. It is built with a 6mm gap and a 38x38mm active area, ensuring reliable and consistent measurements. This monitor is designed to work with a range of ion beams, including protons, deuterons, helium, and carbon, with an energy range from 30 to 500 MeV.

One of the main advantages of the BPM16-38 is its easy installation process. With its standard vacuum pipe flanges, it seamlessly integrates into any setup, whether it's a new design or an existing infrastructure. All these features make the BPM16-38 a worthwhile consideration for those seeking a straightforward, reliable beam position monitor.

Enhanced Features

  • Twin Retractable Ionization Chamber: Comes with 16 strips on each axis, offering excellent precision and control.
  • Optimal Sensing Area: Features a 38x38mm sensing area, 2.5mm strip pitch, and 6mm gap, providing accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Versatility: Designed to operate in any orientation, offering flexible application and setup.
  • Vacuum Compatibility: High-vacuum compatible, ensuring optimal performance even in low-pressure environments.
  • Advanced Actuator: Equipped with a pneumatic actuator, further enhanced by dual redundant limit switch readout for superior reliability.
  • Robust Design: Contains a sturdy ionization chamber gas pocket, made with bonded thin steel windows for added durability.
  • Customizable: Offers a selection of beamline vacuum flange types to cater to your specific needs.
  • Gas Filling Options: Allows for both atmosphere and flow gas filling for added flexibility.
  • Flange Type: Comes with a choice of beamline flange type, either CF (Conflat(™)) or KF, to suit your system requirements.
  • High Voltage Operation: Operates at a nominal voltage of 1000 V with a maximum capacity of 2000 V, ensuring optimal performance in high-energy applications.

Broad Applications

  • High Energy Ion Beamline Setup: Ideal for setting up and tuning ion beamlines, offering precise control and reliable performance.
  • Particle Therapy Beamlines: Robust design and high accuracy make it a perfect choice for particle therapy beamlines where precision and consistency are crucial.

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