• Thirty-two parallel multi-range current to voltage converter channels
  • Bipolar inputs, bandwidth DC to 250 kHz
  • Dynamic range <1 nA to 10 mA over four measurement ranges
  • Thirty-two 14 bit 1 MHz ADCs for fully parallel sampling
  • Integrated data buffering and communications
  • Multiple digital filtering options
  • Integrated high-precision calibration test sources covering all ranges
  • External calibration current input for calibration checking against accredited external current source
  • Optional integrated HV supply
  • Integrated digital I/O (for actuator solenoid control or similar applications)
  • Ethernet, fiber-optic or serial communications interfaces


  • Faraday cup arrays
  • Swept beam systems
  • Multi-segment photodiode arrays
  • Pulsed-beam ionization chambers

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