IC101 - Precision Charge Integrator Electrometer Digital with High Voltage

The IC101 is designed to measure charge or currents ranging from pA to μA, generated by ionization chambers. It employs a classic charge integrator circuit, ensuring a wide dynamic range without compromising accuracy. Its compact dimensions and long-range remote-control capabilities make it ideal for use in close proximity to the signal source, even in high vacuum or high voltage environments.

An integrated high-voltage source within the IC101 enables chambers with large electrode spacing to receive the appropriate bias. Moreover, the device's versatility allows it to measure outputs from other instruments, such as proportional chambers or photodiodes. The IC101 can function as a stand-alone unit or be integrated seamlessly into larger control systems.

Due to its integrator-type design, the IC101 is particularly suited for pulsed signals or very small DC currents. For higher current applications, consider the F460 as an alternative option.


  • Dynamic range <1 pA to 200 µA
  • Integrated digitization and filtering
  • Fiber-optic, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces
  • Integrated calibration test source
  • Full control provided of integration modes
  • External trigger capability
  • Analog monitor output
  • Frequency monitor output (VFC)
  • Optional 3 kV high voltage output for ionization chamber biasing
  • Highly compact design


  • Ionization chamber electrometer
  • Faraday cup electrometer
  • Low current and charge measurement

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