IC128-25 - 128x128 Strip Transmission Monitor Ion Chamber with Dose Plane

The IC128-25 is a premium ionization chamber designed for high-quality particle therapy systems. Its enhanced spatial accuracy, achieved through fine-pitch strip electrodes, surpasses the performance of chambers commonly found in other particle delivery systems. The chamber's all-gold electrodes ensure durability and require no replacement when properly maintained. Its sleek design, expansive sensing area, and compact dimensions enable seamless integration into gantry-mounted nozzle cowlings. The ultra-thin film electrodes and window materials allow for virtually non-invasive ion beam measurements.

Optimized for high-speed pencil beam scanning systems, the IC128-25 is compatible with both pulsed and DC beams, ensuring rapid response times. While engineered for use with redundant I128 units, it is also adaptable to any electrometer designed to measure small currents across multiple channels.

In particle therapy dosimetry systems, it is crucial to obtain two distinct integral plane measurements of the administered dose. Employing a pair of IC128-25 chambers guarantees redundancy and dual position readouts, enabling accurate monitoring and verification of the ion beam's trajectory throughout the treatment process.

12 Weeks Lead Time


  • 25cm by 25cm sensitive area
  • 1 or 2 double-gap integral planes for low noise
  • All gold electrodes for greater long-term stability and reliability
  • 128 position sensing strips in each axis with a 2mm pitch
  • Minimal scattering from the thin film low-Z materials
  • Polyimide film electrode substrates for radiation hardness and high geometric precision
  • Protons, deuterons, helium ions, carbon ions at 30 MeV to 500 MeV
  • High voltage sense loopback for bias voltage safety validation
  • Integrated temperature, pressure, and humidity sensing electronics
  • Operable with atmospheric pressure air chamber gas or flow-through gas
  • Hermetically sealed with a built-in desiccant chamber
  • Bias voltage up to 2kV


  • Beam position and shape tracking in scanned or scattered high energy beam systems
  • Particle therapy dosimetry and beam scan control
  • General high energy ion beam diagnostics

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