IC64-16SG - 64 Strip Transmission Small Gap IC for Flash Therapy

The IC64-16SG is the first large-area ion chamber specifically designed for flash therapy research and treatment. Its compact design features a 16cm by 16cm sensitive area, dual-gap dose plane, and durable Kapton foils, ensuring low WET and radiation resistance. The IC64-16SG is compatible with I128, IX256, or third-party readout electronics. Remote electronics improve radiation resistance, easier packaging in clinical nozzle systems, and a choice of electronics readout.

The IC64-16SG excels in various applications, with a focus on flash or ultra-high dose rate therapy for scanned and scattered beams. As the only off-the-shelf solution designed for permanent installations, it offers a reliable and adaptable choice for cutting-edge particle therapy and diagnostics.


  • 16cm by 16cm sensor area with 2.5mm pitch strips
  • Minimal gaps for reduced recombination losses
  • Compact 51mm beamline insertion length
  • High voltage sense loopback feature
  • Enhanced signal & noise reduction with dual-gap dose plane
  • Precise gold electrode design for oxide-free reliability
  • Durable Kapton foils with low WET & high radiation resistance
  • Built-in temperature, pressure, & humidity sensors
  • Operation with atmospheric air filling or with flow gas


  • Flash therapy research for scanned & scattered beams
  • Pulsed beam tracking & dosimetry
  • Comprehensive particle therapy scanned beam tracking & dosimetry
  • Precise pencil beam scanning control
  • Advanced high-energy ion beam diagnostics

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