SK-DES - Ion Chamber Desiccant Replacement Pack

Operating ion chambers with high humidity levels above 10% can hurt performance or even damage the chamber permanently. Therefore, it is crucial that operators regularly monitor and replace desiccant packets proactively.

These replacement desiccant satchels are compatible with all Pyramid ionization chambers with user-serviceable panels. Each pack comes double sealed and bagged with a humidity detection indicator included to ensure immediate and reliable performance. The first seal is a vacuum tight heat seal and the second is a resealable type. The packaging is a thick Mylar plastic with double sided aluminum facing to ensure a long term and airtight seal.

Each individual desiccant pack is verified to be completely dry and ready before shipment with expiration date included on the outside labeling.

Click here for instructions on how to replace desiccant.

2 Weeks Lead Time
Base Price$85.00

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