Isocenter Rail IC64-6 BC-75

FLASH Beam Collectors

One of the unique challenges of FLASH is validating detectors. Even the best ion chambers and diodes can have non-linear performance in extreme current density situations.

Using a beam collector, you can measure the total quantity of Electrons or Protons independent of charge density. This allows a researcher to characterize the performance of their beams with certainty.

Using shoot-through style FLASH, a beam collector can be used for absolute real-time dosimetry. When used in combination with a FLASH-ready ion chamber, you can create a complete view of the beam.

Our beam collectors come in a couple of varieties, multi-layer, used for depth vs charge measurements, or monolithic, used for absolute charge calibration. The monolithic collector comes in two sizes, one for collecting static beams, and one for collecting scanned areas.

FLASH Ready Ion Chambers

For the past 20 years, Pyramid has continuously refined our full area transmission ion chambers. In just the past year we have made incredible leaps in our FLASH technology. Improving recombination effects, higher voltage bias, smaller gaps, lower noise, and thinner materials.

These ion chambers are not just great for research. They all support the features required for real clinical systems, external electronics, custom flow gas, dual redundant signal chains, and integrated environmental sensors.

Currently, Pyramid is offering two main variants of FLASH-ready transmission ion chamber, The IC64-6 for small area fields and the IC64-16 for large area fields. Both support 64 x 64 beam position and shape monitoring with an additional integral plane for total dose.