CP10 - Very Fast Pulse Spectroscopy Pre-amplifier

The CP10 is a compact and cost-effective pre-amplifier for use with fast pulse scintillation detectors or general-purpose pulse detectors. The CP10 comes in two major variants, the CP10-A, and CP10-B. CP10-A is optimized for fast halide crystals, LaCl3, LaBr3, and YAP scintillator/photomultipliers. The CP10-B is for Continuous-dynode electron multipliers (CDEM), plastic scintillators, and avalanche photodiodes (APD).

For sodium iodide scintillation see the CP15 pre-amplifier optimized for that detector type.

For a fully-featured pulse amplification, shaping, and baseline restoration see the CR10.

Pair it with the C400 high-speed pulse counter with built-in high voltage biasing for a complete solution.

This product is no longer recommended for new designs. See alternative products bellow or contact Pyramid for more information.

Alternative Products

CP15 - DC-Coupled Pulse Pre-amplifier for Lanthanum Halide and Sodium Iodide Detectors


  • All aluminum case, about the size of a matchbox
  • DC-coupled, 50 ohm impedance input and output
  • Lemo 00 coaxial connectors

Variant Comparison

Specification CP10-A CP10-B
Gain +32dB +32dB
Rise Time 30nsec 8nsec
Bandwidth 0-10MHz 0-200MHz
Unity Gain > 100MHz > 900MHz
Noise < 1mV RMS < 2mV RMS


  • Fast pulse counting readout (matched for LaCl3 , LaBr3 and YAP crystals) (CP10A)
  • Fast pulse counting device readout (matched for plastic scintillators, continuous-dynode electron multipliers) (CP10B)
  • Fast pulse counting detector readout