T1 - Industrial Gauss Meter and Magnetic Field Probe with REST API

The T1 is a high-performance magnetometer and digital Gauss meter (also known as a Tesla meter) designed for industrial and scientific applications. Its interchangeable and radiation-resistant Hall probes make it a perfect magnetic field probe for measuring DC or AC magnetic fields.

With 25kHz Ethernet and analog outputs, the T1 provides accurate measurements of magnetic fields and is flexible with simple JSON HTTP, WebSockets, EPICS, or +/-10V analog output options. Data configuration and collection are effortless with just a few lines of code. The analog output is a monitor by default but can be programmed via an API.

The T1 comes with an HP1 Hall probe, power supply, and 6-foot DB9 cable, with the signal length extendable up to 100 feet using a standard shielded DB9 cable. It is an ideal choice for beamlines, analyzer magnets, accelerator ring magnets, or scanning dipoles. The T1 offers excellent AC performance, making it stand out from other magnetic field probes, without sacrificing precision.

Learn more about B-Fields and Hall probes in ion beam applications here.

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Base Price$1,240.00


  • Data rates from 25kHz to 10Hz
  • Measure fields from 0 to 2.8 Tesla fully bipolar
  • Excellent noise characteristics: 50mG@10Hz, 120mG@60Hz
  • JSON HTTP, WebSockets, or EPICS API
  • +/-10 Volt calibrated BNC monitor output
  • Dynamic temperature correction
  • User zeroing via GUI or programmable API


  • Analyzer magnet verification and control
  • Monitoring magnetic beam lines or optics
  • Automated magnet manufacturing testing
  • Monitoring of accelerator ring magnets
  • Magnetic research or education tools

The HP1 Hall Probe

  • Radiation-resistant magnetic field sensors ideal for accelerator applications
  • Built-in temperature sensor enables dynamic correction in real-time
  • High-precision gain amplifier for improved measurement accuracy
  • Wide range field detection: 0.1 Gauss to 2.8k Gauss (2.8 Tesla)
  • Superior performance with low noise, NMR-traceable accuracy
  • Customizable 3D printed housing tailored for any magnet configuration

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