TF1 - Self-powered BNC TTL to Fiber-Optic Converter

The TF1 is an efficient solution for converting TTL signals to ST fiber. This self-powered device utilizes the TTL level itself to power the optical output, eliminating the need for an external power supply. The TF1 is compatible with any TTL signal designed to drive a 50-Ohm terminated load.

Featuring a rapid response time of 100 nanoseconds, the TF1 offers exceptional performance in a variety of applications, such as converting TTL signals to fiber for use with a Pyramid device, high-voltage digital I/O isolation, or general-purpose optical isolation. The device's M2.5 threaded mounting holes and extremely compact size makes it easy to integrate into different setups.

For applications that require bidirectional conversion or cannot drive a 30mA load, consider the X22 device as an alternative. If you need to "fan out" the signal to multiple fiber outputs, the X14 device is the recommended choice.

4 Weeks Lead Time
Base Price$300.00



  • Converts TTL to Fiber Optic
  • No external power supply is required
  • Response time of 100 nanoseconds
  • M2.5 threaded mounting holes
  • Extremely compact size


  • Converting a TTL signal to fiber for use with a Pyramid device
  • High voltage digital I/O isolation
  • General-purpose optical isolation

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