X22 - Bi-directional BNC TTL to Fiber Optic Converter

The X22 is a compact bidirectional TTL to fiber optic converter designed to efficiently convert digital voltage signals to and from fiber optic signals. With its small form factor, the X22 is independently powered from an isolated power supply, offering high voltage isolation between TTL input and outputs when used in pairs.

Featuring a configurable inverting polarity of conversion with two physical switches for each direction, the X22 provides flexibility in its operation. When designing safety systems that utilize the X22, careful consideration should be taken between normally high vs normally low signals.

Built with robust components, the X22 ensures reliable performance under challenging operating conditions. It is ideal for a variety of applications, including converting trigger and logic-level signal delivery, high voltage digital I/O isolation, breaking up ground loops, and even extending the range of UART communication signals such as RS232 in large distributed systems.

With optional DIN rail mounting and a compact stainless-steel chassis, the X22 is a versatile choice for various scenarios.

For unidirectional TTL to fiber applications that can drive 30mA, consider the TF1 as a simpler alternative. In order to fan out fiber optic signals to multiple fiber outputs, the X14 device is recommended.

4 Weeks Lead Time
Base Price$430.00


  • Converts fiber-optic signals to TTL, and TTL to fiber-optic
  • 820nm (850nm compatible) wavelength fiber optics.
  • Compatible with 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm, 100/140µm, and 200µm HCS.
  • Over 2000-meter signal transmission at 50Mbps.
  • Propagation delay of less than 10ns TTL-to-Optical and 25ns round trip.
  • 1ns of pulse width distortion and propagation jitter.
  • Works at standard RS232 baud rates up to 50Mbps.
  • Switch selectable signal inversion polarity in either direction.
  • TTL inputs are all high impedance, and outputs are forward terminated.
  • Compact stainless-steel chassis.
  • Optional DIN rail mounting accessories available.


  • Trigger and logic-level signal delivery in large distributed systems.
  • High voltage digital I/O isolation.
  • Pulsed power applications.
  • Breaking ground loops for long-range signal transmission.
  • General UART or RS232 fiber optic conversion or isolation.
  • General-purpose logic signal conversion.

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